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I’m Angela and I’m so glad you have stopped by to wander around my site. I wanted to create a safe place for all parents to find kinship and laughter through stories and moments they can relate to. But I also wanted to help remind everyone that through the years of taking care of our children, it’s still important to be childlike ourselves and stay in the moment without always worrying about all the many responsibilities adulting brings.

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Latest blogs are posted below, but explore the rest of the website for so many other reads. Check out the newest addition - Creative Stories. I've begun to finally share the short story writing that I've done over the years. Fiction writing has been my passion since childhood, but I spent time in University taking writing courses that helped me with Non-Fiction storytelling that I wanted to also share. I can't wait to hear what you think!

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Know Your Value - Embracing what you bring to the Table

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Women Empowering Women

I have a strong connection with women in the community and work hard to build relationships with the people who come into my life. Ever since becoming a Mom, I have spent my days trying to be more mindful of how I want to nurture not only my children, but also myself. Too often we forget that we are not just Moms – we are Women. As a woman I have needs outside of being a Mother that we tend to feel are less important than what our kids need from us. That simply isn’t true. The blogs I write try to encompass my whole life. My hope is that reading these blogs empowers other women to live their truth and value who they as unique beings. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you read within. I would love your suggestions on the things you want to read about in the future. Connect with me and let’s build something amazing together.

“Behind every successful woman are other successful women who have her back”.


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