Mindful Body & Soul – Part 2

Today, the world of food looks very different than it did even one generation ago. Grocery stores are stocked full of cheap, processed foods. It’s easier for people to buy things pre-made or pre-cooked because we are a society always in a rush. Both parents are often working outside the home. Mealtime has become a…

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Mindful Body & Soul

Mindful Body and Soul

Mindful Body & Soul 3-Part Series On the cusp of retiring my uterus, my mind is shifting towards my body image, and a great deal of self-awareness is coming to pass. As a woman who has now delivered 7 babies (4 of my own children, and 3 surrogacy babies), I have battled a love-hate relationship…

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Discovering ‘Great Books & Café’

Great Books & Cafe, Williamsford, Ontario. Musings of Organized Chaos

The story of the Williamsford Mill Fostering A Love for Books When you were little, what do you remember about the pastimes that you enjoyed? Did any of them help define who you became? Maybe you had such a love for nature that you followed a path in conservation or environmentalism.  Maybe you just loved…

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Survival Of The Fittest – Isolation 101

Survival of the Fittest - Isolation 101

These are strange times my friends, and we are all feeling the stress of our worlds being completely flipped upside down. Humans are not meant to be isolated and by nature we revolt against what we need to survive. We need space and air and love and socialization. But this isn’t a blog for debate…

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The Truth About Pregnancy – What is Fact and Fiction?

Pregnant Belly

When you are part of an ever-growing industry like fertility, you make it your job to always be researching and fact-finding about the latest advice people give. I’m always speaking with interesting individuals, and professionals in the health field that intrigue me and challenge my current mindset. One such individual was a client of mine…

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