Mindful Mothering

It takes effort to be aware and conscious of the dynamic nature of our children and how we raise them. There is never a right or wrong path to teaching our children about the world. Be mindful and live in your truth and your kids will always see you. Join me on the rollercoaster ride through Parenthood.

Never say Never…

By Angela Pickering | December 7, 2012

I know nobody in my family would argue against my natural stubborn side. It’s a trait that has always plagued me. But this time I used it to my advantage to keep strong in the face of life’s crazy challenges. When it came to my kids, I grew a bullet-proof shell that could withstand an…

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A Dangerous Concotion

By Angela Pickering | November 28, 2012

Oil and water will never mix. Some things are just meant to stay apart. Yet some elements are drawn together, even when the results can be catastrophic – like throwing gasoline near an open flame. With hormones raging and impulse control lacking, adolescents make each other an easy target while growing up.  Looking back at…

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