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I’m Angela and I’m so glad you have stopped by to wander around my site. I wanted to create a safe place for all parents to find kinship and laughter through stories and moments they can relate to. But I also wanted to help remind everyone that through the years of taking care of our children, it’s still important to be childlike ourselves and stay in the moment without always worrying about all the many responsibilities adulting brings.

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Latest blogs are posted below, but explore the rest of the website for so many other reads. Check out the newest addition - Creative Stories. I've begun to finally share the short story writing that I've done over the years. Fiction writing has been my passion since childhood, but I spent time in University taking writing courses that helped me with Non-Fiction storytelling that I wanted to also share. I can't wait to hear what you think!

Growing up, I always had a passion for reading and writing. I began with poetry, then evolved into writing chapters of a fiction novel I would never finish. Reading books were my escape into another time and place. It fostered my imagination and creativity when I wrote stories of my own. I was always stuck in the pages, floating away with words.
When I had children, I always read to them. I would rock them to sleep singing a lullaby or telling them a story. My kids still have their favourite books tucked away, even though they are faded and falling apart at the seams. Reading together was the time we spent as a family. I would watch them gaze at the pictures and I could see their tiny faces wander through all the emotions a book can stir up. Because I made reading seem like every day practice, it simply created a love in my children too. All four of them read still every night. It is part of our bedtime routine even today and they are 9-12 years old.
Reading has no limits. Stories are ripe for the taking. Of all the things I taught my children that were good, reading was the most important. They get lost in the pages... and it reminds me of the days when we would all curl up to hear the story of...

An Oxymoron Life of Organized Chaos

The ache to freeze time in its tracks is constant. A pause button would be ideal. If only I could just take a few minutes to write down the silly shinanigans that make my world go ‘round. My biggest fear is forgetting.

So many times since becoming a mom, I have wished for the tick of time to halt so I could write down my thoughts and feelings when I first experience them. We all swear that even the life changing events will never be forgot, but it doesn’t take long before details blur and recall memory gets weak.

I am that mom that other people point and roll their eyes at. You know the kind; those moms who carry an SLR and video camera around her neck and over her shoulders to every big or small life event. I am the mom who desperately tries to capture any and all perfect moments that may take place. Problem is, sometimes I feel I’m so busy catching my children in the lense that I actually miss out on enjoying the sandcastle creation or the bubble bath fiasco. I tell myself that one day when my children are all grown up that I can look back on all those captured moments and laugh, cry, and experience it all over again. But is it enough?

I am not unique in my ‘pause button’ pursuit, but with four children born to me in 37 months, there is definite merit to my ‘lack of time’ excuse. My first daughter, Madelyn was born on May 24, 2008, missing my own birthday by just an hour. Only 15 months later on August 27, 2009 my set of fraternal twins, Emily and Carter arrived. On July 2, 2011 my last and incidentally, unplanned baby, boy Cole graced us with his presence. Two boys and two girls make up our family of six.

And so four years have flown by since my adventure in motherhood began. To say our household has been chaotic is in essence the truth, but it’s lacking in real clarification. So out of recent reflection emerges a truth of substance. Our life has become an oxymoron of organized chaos.

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By Angela Pickering | June 24, 2019

Strike: Sometimes failing is winning We don’t always have it figured out. So what? Introducing twice-divorced, 40-year-old, self-employed Mom, of four kids – Me. My pals on the rollercoaster – four kids with entirely different personalities and passions in life. Four kids born in 3 years and 2 months (twins in the middle). Two girls.…

Turning 40

By Angela Pickering | June 24, 2019

Age – the constant reminder that time waits for no one. When we are young we can’t wait to get older. When we get older we wish to reclaim our youth. How many of us truly embrace each passing year as a chance to grow as humans, accepting what was, and moving forward into what…


By Angela Pickering | June 24, 2019

Self-Love – Your Body Is Yours When I was young I had the quintessential body. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Curves in all the right places, and just enough breasts to be noticed. I was above average at 5’6. But I always struggled with what defined my femininity. I wasn’t a gorgeous girl. I was just…

Mindful Mothering

By Angela Pickering | May 28, 2019

Raising children is like being on a rollercoaster – It looks fun; full of loops and adventure, but what’s an epic ride without a little screaming and throwing up? We don’t always have it figured out. So what? Introducing twice-divorced, 40-year-old, self-employed Mom, of four kids – Me. My pals on the rollercoaster – four…

The Metaphorical Box

By Angela Pickering | April 3, 2017

When someone says the word ‘box’, what visual stirs up inside you? Do you see a plain old cardboard box? Do you see a pink box with decorations and sparkles? Maybe you see a striped box with glorious gifts inside. The word ‘box’ has all kinds of connotations in my life. Let’s talk about the…

Intimacy of Parenting – switching roles

By Angela Pickering | December 16, 2016

Imagine for one moment that you could see through the eyes of your child. What is it to know what they know and feel what they feel? When they watch us, who are we to them? It isn’t as simple as we want to pretend. How many of us have said, “They are only children,…

Blooming Babies…

By Angela Pickering | September 8, 2016

When I began my dream of starting my own surrogacy agency, I never imagined what it would truly feel like to create something from the ground up and watch it blossom. Well the petals are in full and they couldn’t be any brighter. In March, I launched my company – Canadian Surrogacy Community. As a…

My Heart Runneth Over

By Angela Pickering | December 6, 2014

There are pivotal moments as a parent when you realize the legacy you will leave behind. There are moments your children show you how well you are teaching them about the true importance of life. I had one of these moments yesterday with Cole. It left such an impact on me, I wanted to write…

Who says you can’t change your DNA?

By Angela Pickering | March 30, 2014

I can’t claim to know much about science, let alone the complexities of genetics and DNA, but I truly believe that something chemical has changed in me since the birth of my children. Let me reflect on yesterday… I dropped my children off at my Mom and Dad’s house for the night. I went home…

The New Normal

By Angela Pickering | October 24, 2013

I think this blog is important to write. Not just for my own therapeutic needs, but for the many people who are curious about how I felt the first week after giving birth to Luca. The ‘It must be strange to go home without a baby’ comment kept being repeated and I began to understand…

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